Sunday, February 12, 2012

where the heart is

We loaded up the car with dogs, sleds, the kid, & good food and
headed through light falling snow to the Boy's house deep in the Wasatch Back.
The perfect way to spend a Sunday.
 Parley's Summit
 The Heber Valley
 A small auto-tour to Wasatch State Park
Checking out the Heber Hot Pots.  Sadly, still posted: No Trespassing!
But now it has Tee-pees, strange (?)
 Then to the Boy's house where a bottle of chilled sweet wine was waiting for me!
The party inside.
[stuffed bread recipe HERE]
A little laundry before dinner?
He is a man of many talents!
The dog party outside.
Oh, baby dogs first deer carcase (gross).
I think the dogs are on to us...
Men on a mission.
Where have those two been?
Of course it isn't a night at the Boy's without him spoiling
Beach rotten with hand-me-downs.
To the Boy (who doesn't read my blog): 
Thanks for the drive in the snow, the food, the wine,
the company, the coffee, the toys, the clothes, even the pink ones. 
Josh, I was looking for the right words to tell you how much you mean to us
and how much I love you, but I just turned around
& my kid has yellow FLARP all over her.
So speaking form my heart: 
I love you even when you give my kid FLARP & she gets it everywhere.
Yep, that is about as close as words can get to how I feel. 
Talk to you in morning, XoXo

"Friends are the family that we choose ourselves." 

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