Wednesday, February 1, 2012

mystery meat, a love story (I think)

So, I went to the park with the girls and the dogs.  When I got home there was a pile of meat in the fridge that wasn’t there when we left. No, really a pile: steaks, burger, bacon...strange? 
So, I figured it was from the mother-in-law.  She does stuff like that and my house wasn’t tidy so of course it had to be her.
Well, a bit later I found a basket of wet laundry waiting for me to put in the dryer. OH, I get it now.  It was Colby.  Hum. I can’t help feeling like I’m dating a cat ‘look I brought you a dead thing that smells, you like smelly dead things don’t you?’ Well, yes I do but being romanced by meat isn’t so, I don’t know...  At any rate I will wait to see where he got it from before I decide whether or not I’m going to eat it.  Sometimes being loved by Colby is dangerous to your health. 

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