Saturday, February 11, 2012

guess who came to dinner? or normal doesn't bite

Yesterday…where do I start?  I don’t know how to explain this so let me try this way:
  1. Conner turned 18 on Thursday. We cooked him dinner, made heart cupcakes, and since Colby & Beach were skiing with the Fire Family we invited them to join us.
  2. Colby showed up with Beach and the Wild One at the same time Conner & a Girl entered with a small rat of a lost dog behind them.
  3. Little sweet lost dog in the house.
  4. Happy Birthday Kid!
  5. Wild One and Beach take over the house running around half dressed in long-johns.
  6. Little sweet lost dog in the house starts growling when you sit by her on the sofa.
  7. Fire Day and Sweetheart enter.  Welcome! Oh, that's not our dog & it bites.
  8. At some point Alexis was here. Hi Alex!
  9. I announce dinner is ready so Colby, Conner, & the Girl left. (shrug, I don’t know, that whole thing I missed).
  10. Little sweet lost dog in the house now growling and biting.
  11. Colby shows back up but Conner and Girl are missing.
  12. We eat dinner while little sweet lost dog snarls, growls, & nips at every one.
  13. Conner & Girl return but Girls has to go so quickly they leave with Alexis. Poof!   Conner comes back but Alexis doesn’t- Bye Alex! Bye Girl!  Yo Conner!  Happy Birthday, again…
  14. We retire to the living room (ha, it’s all the same room) to chat nicely over the sound of the growling stray dog in my house. 
  15. Dessert any one?
  16. How about a dog?  We have extras...

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