Tuesday, February 21, 2012

last night

Here are the fun pic's from last night ladies only, well almost ladies only group W bench happy birthday Misty dinner. 
When you get  this group together it is very loud....and then there are the kids too!
Now I am going to tell you something totally random...Last night I had a dream I was in a plane that crashed and sank into the ocean.  I swam onto a beach with Colby and about 10 other people.  When I looked around I ask Colby about the other 100 or so people on the plane and he explained we could only save as many people as could fit in the nose of the plane.  I looked around again and there was a 500 lb women on the shore...'what about her?'I asked him.  He answered, ' You know how it works, we needed someone to not make it so I figured she was our best bet.'
Ah, the poor home schooled child working on her word search place mat- 'must finish'.   

Thanks to every one who made my turn to 39 so wonderful!
Look out, I'm just getting started!     

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