Saturday, February 4, 2012

Parts of the GTC Group W bench reassembled themselves at the U
for the Lady Utes last night. 
The crowd was pretty wild.

But we managed not to get thrown out of the event center
even with Wild Nickie & me sitting together in the middle of the boys, Colby down one end where Nickie could nag him about the ghetto & cell phones & Fire Dad with me at the other.  The Gym Rats, the Gym Rat drop out, & the little brother?
They took over the row behind us. 
The poor folks seated around us knew they were in for a strange night right off the bat.
And we got to see the Utes take the meet.
Thanks to the K family for the seats & thanks for the company Fire Dad
(hope you feel better fast, sushi from the grocery
~red rocks~

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