Tuesday, July 19, 2011

of magic & mischief

We are in the middle of reading through all the little Children’s Books in our personal library and something curious is happening; we are starting to ‘act out’.  Not in the pushing & shoving way or like Thespians but as idea thieves!

Reading Cat’s Colors, we said, "We could do a book like this for us." 

Reading The Seven Silly Eaters, "We should bake a cake!"

For us this is an old idea returning.  When I began home schooling Beach over 3 years ago I created units of study the main component to each was literature.  I used books as my starting point, middle ground, and finish line. 

But why were we doing this in the first place? Because I can see the transition hanging on the horizon.  As her independent reading increases and the list of novels she would enjoy lengthens I don't want to leave these books without the long proper good-bye the deserve. 

Deep in summer it is July.  We are cleaning house, picking vegetables, watching fruit ripen, & looking forward to enjoying as many fun summer activities from our list that we can.

In the back of my mind the count down to fall already beginning; summer has an end, even for home schoolers.  

And in Early Childhood it is July too, this magic time between toddler-hood & teen-ism doesn't last as long as it should.

If she wants I am willing to do a project for all the books.  The number of titles we own after 3 older siblings is in the hundreds.  Why am I being so reasonable?  Because I get the feeling for a lot of these books this will be the last time we read them.  Sort like the last time you really carry your child.  You may still be able to pick her up or to hold her but true carrying slips away with books like Make Way for Ducklings, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, & Lyle, Lyle Crocodile. 
And for us since Beach like her siblings before her insists on growing up these stories are going to go out in some serious style. 
To my children: Alexis-Chrysanthemum, Conner-No David, Fisher-Pig Pig, & Beach-Little Gorilla, I may not always be able to carry you but I will love you through the black & back forever.  And honestly thank Darwin I will never have to read another Skippyjon Jones book ever again. What do you mean we have two more?!?!   

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