Tuesday, July 19, 2011

left field

I’m sorry did she just say Julliard?  Yep, she sure did.  I’m sitting with my one of my girl friends watching the kids play in the fountain and this woman walks up to me and asks, “Where is the little dancer?  I want to thank her for her beautiful dancing.”
Okay she’s a grandma type. It is nice but really not too unexpected.  Beach has been ‘dancing’ through the whole concert smack dab in the middle of the crowd, unrestrained maybe unaware of the many people craning their necks to watch her.  But she’s not a dancer, we all know that.  What she is doing is actually elements of gymnastics floor routines, some learned, some observed, & some created all by herself. 

I had leaned into Colby, “I think we won’t have to pay for a choreographer when she reaches Optionals.”
“No kidding,” he gasps watching his little girl move with the body of a fine tuned machine.  Us along with many other in the crowd, were totally amazed by what she was doing.

“I know good dancing when I see it,” the women continued to say, “My son was a Principle Dancer for Ballet West for many years.  He went to Julliard on a full scholarship.  She should and could do the same. I know good ballet dancing when I see it.”
She wasn't the only one, I must corrected half a dozen people about the origins of her skills & answered several requests for the name of where she trains. (Gymnastics Training Center)

Julliard, you say. lol.
That little girl is my baby.  Three months of bed-rest in a miserable high risk pregnancy, two years (okay almost 3) of nursing, & then the whole vision nightmare. 

None of that was on the LIST. I was going to use a Midwife not a Neonatal Specialist until the realization that if things didn’t magically go according to my plan AirMed would separate us she would be shipped to the University of Utah leaving me across town at a lesser hospital.  I was in school full time heading towards a career in medicine I was only going to nurse that baby one year.  One year damn it- do you understand me?! Until Colby was willing to bring her to me in the Lab at the hospital every three hours to nurse.  Of course you worry about your child's health but one blind eye never came up, until it came it up. And gymnastics? Well that would have been my worst nightmare until it wasn't.

Sitting on my bed holding her in my arms, probably nursing, I remember thinking a thousand things about her life to come but this amazing night in the park I never dreamed of.  This vision that WASN'T was all hers.  She was doing gymnastics until the dancer inside her took center stage.

Welcome back to the light of day Tiny Dancer.


Liberty Park 7 Canyons Fountain
(not shown City Creek)




Okay, so we aren't rushing off to Julliard but a call to Virginia Tanner is a good possibility.

Look out for things flying in from left field they just might be the best ideas you never had. 

Dancing in her sleep. 
I hate to wake her but she has climbing clinic in an hour.

 Note to the Beloved Coaches: In one of the pic's it looks like she is doing round-off back-handsprings on the concrete.  I swear she was only doing round-offs & most of them were on the grass, most...

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  1. We didn't go last week... wasn't sure about the rain.
    I would have loved to have seen her! :)

  2. Wow, she looks so beautiful! My daughter detested gymnastics, but man she loves her horses!! I love how every child finds a passion all on their own if you just let them :)