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mixed K-2 curriculum

Mixed K-2 Plan (2008-2009)       
I.                   Geography
A.     World geography over view 7 continents with Literature component
1.      Asia
a.      passport project: Kites and volcanoes
b.      field trip (Asian Highlands @ the zoo)
c.       folktales and stories: Riki Tiki, Momotaro, The Listening Cap, & Ruby Lu, Disney’s Mulan 
d.      animals, people, plants, & landmarks
e.      food (Asian dinner 4.19)
2.      Africa
a.      passport project: Feeding time at the Tracey aviary
b.      fieldtrip (International Peace Gardens)
c.       folktales and stories: Tug of War, How Many Spots, The Knee High Man, The Zebra’s Stripes
d.      animals, people, plants, & landmarks
e.      food
3.      South America
a.      passport project: crafts at the Amazon Class
b.      fieldtrip (Living Planet Aquarium Amazon Exhibit & Two Day Amazon Class)
c.       folktales and stories: Medio Pollitto, Magic Tree House Afternoon in the Amazon, Rain Forest, Choose your own adventure book
d.      animals, people, plants, & landmarks
e.      food
4.      Australia
a.      passport project: sewing K bear art project
b.      field trip (Tracy Aviary Australian Outback)
c.       folktales and stories: Magic Tree House Dingoes at Dinner
d.      animals, people, plants, & landmarks
e.      food
5.      Europe
a.      passport project: castle projects (sub-unit with brief over view of mid-evil Europe 3x text books: tie into common nursery rhymes or sayings)
b.      fieldtrip to Tree House Museum
c.       folktales and stories: King Midas, The Boy at the Dike, Tom Thumb, Pied Piper, The Story of Ferdinand,
d.      animals, people, plants, & landmarks
e.      food
6.      Antarctica
a.      passport project:  white play clay landscapes
b.     field trip (n/a)- *will try to find the Nova Explorers on Scott expedition and the Schackelton voyage for Fisher to see
c.      folktales and stories: Kids Discover Antarctica, Your Big Back Yard & Ranger Rick (National Wildlife Federation publications), Polar Animals, Osborne, Polar Animals, Scholastics, Seals PBS nature special
d.      animals, people, plants, & landmarks
e.      food (expedition lunch; top roman noodle with broccoli in tin camping cups)
7.      North America >>Leading into Early American History
a.      passport project: laundry and gardening at the heritage park
b.      field trip (This is the Place State Park, West Desert Pony Express Trail,
c.       Folktales and stories: Oxcart Man, Five Days to Christmas, Jonny Appleseed.
d.      animals, people, plants, & landmarks
e.      food
II.               Social Studies
A.     My community (Text Social Studies Alive, In the Community, SCH 1, Super K Pp. 157-58, English Literature Component: Collection for Young Scholars, Stories about City and Country Life)
1.       City Life- tied in with ecology & conservation lessons in Science unit.
a.      looking for wildlife in the city
b.      People, planes, trains, roads, & buildings
c.       Reduce, re-use, recycle  
2.      Country Life
a.     This is the Place State Park
b.     Pioneer Village Lagoon
III.            Language Arts
A.     Literature
1.      Poetry Unit K and Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes  
2.      Aesop’s & Brother Grimm’s, Hirsch grades K
3.      Fairy Tale Unit
4.      Stories & Drama, Hirsch grades K
a.   Children’s Theater season tickets 6 performances
5.      Sayings, grades Hirsch K
B.     English
1.      Programmed Reading Book 1 sides 1 and 2- removed the print is too small for Beach’s vision issues
2.      Reading skills- Reading Reflex and early readers
a. KUED Reading marathon November 1- January 1, 2009
IV.             Mathematics-
1.      math skills work book Pre-K (book completed)
2.      math skills work books  (2x texts through K level concepts)
V.                 Arts
A.     Free Expression art (unlimited and self directed)
1.  Clay art for sale on-going project (self directed idea)
B.     Unit art projects as noted in Unit of study
1.      Kites from Asia
2.      volcano craft
3.      clay Antarctica project
4.      Amazon art projects 5x
5.      castle building
6.      forts
7.      Koala Bear pom-pom sewing kit
C.     Art all around- all types of materials and methods
1.      Beads (Feb)
2.      Stamps cities (April)
3.      No, David shapes and lines art project (June)
4.      Stain glass art (Dec.)
5.      Finger print Bug Art (March)
6.      plaster heart & hand print (Feb)
7.      Wooden sculpture (Nov)
8.      wooden box making & painting(Jan)
9.      Latch Hook sewing kit (Jan)
10. Snowy Day art project (Dec.)
11.  vase painting (March)
12.  Tree House Museum paper punch out art (July)
VI.             Skills, Civics, & Physical Activities
A.     Soccer (Fall 08)
B.     Tumbling (Aug- January  including a gymnastics meet)
C.     Swim Class (Fall session at Fairmont)
D.     Sewing projects (moneys, latch hook, aprons, doll clothing, blankets)
E.     Yoga (Feb & March)
F.     Belly Dancing (Jan & Feb)
G.    Music Lessons, piano and violin (Sept- Feb)
H.    Cooking (dinner helper 2x weekly chore)
I.       Sego Lily community member (Jan-present)
J.      Food Co-op (on going)
K.     Peoples Market (June – October)
L.     Bug Club (founded in August)
VII.          Science
A.     Weather, Hirsch grads K-2nd
B.     Plants
1.      plant parts with art project, Hirsch
2.      plant needs with gardening projects, Hirsch
C.     Animal
1.      basic animal care & needs, Hirsch
2.      Project: hatching and raising baby chickens & keeping Jet (April & May)
3.      intro into evolution and animal “families” (Biology Text)
4.      Utah Museum of Natural History- Predator or prey? (December)
5.      Eccles Dinosaur Park- extinction (November)
D.     Bugs, Insects, and arachnids
1.      UMNH Bug exhibit (January)
2.      The Icky Bug Alphabet
3.      Bug art project
4.      CCNS curriculum & wild life program (Terry Crandall)
E.     Human Body
1.      The Body Exhibit at the Leonardo with Don and Linda
2.      Me & My Body
3.      5 senses, Hirsch K-1st
F.     Habitats (ecology) Young Peoples Atlas, Osborne, One Small Square Backyard, by Silver
1.      Oceans & Shore lines (touched on lakes)
a.      Living Planet Aquarium field trip (4.12.09)
b.      Journey under the Sea, Captain Barnacles Aquarium, Sea life puzzle.
2.      Deserts
a.      Zoo (March & April)- animal math graphing project
b.     West Desert (October & May)
c.       Sub-Unit on Lizards (3 reference books), created a lizard biosphere
d.      Created rock garden with desert flora
3.      Forests,  Grasslands, & Mountains
a.      Utah Museum of Natural History- focus on wildlife (April 2x)
b.      Volcano experiment (April0
c.     Red Butte Shoreline trail and gardens
4.      Marshes & Swamps, River & Streams
a.      Jordan River Nature Park (April)
b.      Lulu and the Swamp Ghost
c.       Canoe on the Jordan River (May)
d.      The Unfolding River
e.      Midway hot springs wild life watching at the pond (April & May)
f.       Great Salt Lake & Antelope Island trip (April)
5.      Cities >>III .  Social Studies Unit on my Community tied in with ecology & conservation lessons.

Kindergarten studies (mixed K-2nd topics) completion date July 7, 2009 mlb

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