Friday, July 8, 2011

drops in a bucket

I had a plan today. What do you mean it is already 10:30?
Never mind, I will have a plan tomorrow...




  1. I am loving your words, just drifting through post after post (some of which are scary (says me after reading about man on bike), and all of which make me very glad to be here).

    I love this post too. Those are real cherries. That is incredible, as I have never ever seen a real cherry tree! Have I lived?

    I want to tell you, some of your photos on some of your posts block some of your words. Which means I can't read them all! I don't know if you want this feedback, but I am giving it with a hopeful smile that you don't mind?

    And the post about the skunk from a while back made me laugh insanely hard. Again, I am so glad to be here. Thank you for having me :)

  2. Ah. Those are plums. Oops. :)