Monday, March 12, 2012

zombie mom strikes back

Honestly got stuck for a moment in the bathroom this morning because my triceps are so sore I couldn't turn the knob.  Yes, I mean my triceps & not my forearm. That was before I headed out  for a workout.  I told Colby in passing I might only be walking, perhaps running, but no way was I hitting the mat today.  I worried my arms were too sore to hold plank, that lateral burpees could go to hell, up and overs aren't happening, & box jumps- yeah right!!.  I had to at least go out & try...and in 60 minutes I had finished the workout start to end full reps and full speed. 
It's a mystery really, where does that power come from? Oh yeah, it is taken from my brain.  I have near zero cognitive powers left.  TMI: last night in the hot tub I snuggled up to the Birthday Boy who had spent literally all of HIS day under my car replacing a CV boot & some linkage thing that makes Little Red go vroom-vroom.  I whispered in his ear I wish I had a snorkel which caused him to burst out laughing.  Not the response I was looking for but as I thought it over I realized the flaw in my line of thought (if you missed it I'm not explaining it, putting it in here is bad enough!). 
So what am I doing all this for? Why am I kicking the shit out of myself (excuse the French) 6 days a week? Then pretending I can resume normal function as a farming-home-educator-housewife? (wait?!?! when did I marry a house?) I am doing it for one giant selfish reason.  It has nothing to do with good health (sorry) or the way I look in jeans (whatever).  It might start as one of those but my attention span is way too short to see either of those pay off.  I am in it for instant gratification of beating myself.  Telling yourself you can't then proving yourself wrong, may not be the way the experts tell you to go about getting it done. In fact, often "can't" is labeled a dirty word but for me "can't" is the waving red flag of a perfect challenge.  Yesterday's successes or failures are tomorrows opportunities.  Girl at play, play Girl, play!               


  1. Very inspiring! I have been slowly working my way up to getting back in shape, but I agree with you. Good health and better fitting jeans take to long. I might have to adopt your approach and see if I have any better luck.