Thursday, March 8, 2012

drawing our happy lines and standing behind them

 I am probably too tired to express what I want to say properly but I'm going to try.  Somewhere between writing the words 'I honestly didn't know' what she would decide and hitting publish I realized that wasn't true.  I knew. 

Out of all of Beach's gym shots this has always been my favorite one.  It has nothing to do with form or the golds that followed.  It is about the look on her coaches face.  It is about investment in the whole person not just the part of the person doing the sport.  What I told the Owner yesterday over the phone is how much we can now appreciate the philosophy & coaching style of her gym.  Being outsiders in this world I never thought it possible to ignore that these athletes are children.   
Beach popped up this morning and announced she is staying at GTC.  
Of course she is...she deserves only the best.  We needed to know that for ourselves. 
And this is far from an apology for going out into the Unknowns. I am so very glad we did. It answered questions I have had for a long time.  I actually wish we would have done it sooner.  I would tell any parent who asks me to go see for themselves what is out there.
But we are accepting 'I told you so's' especially if her coaches wish to. 
And I keep my fingers crosses about class sizes, about the possibility of a day class, about keeping our current coaches near us.  See you on the group W bench tonight. 


  1. Sorry I missed you tonight. And sorry our days together on the bench are limited in the future by us. But I'm so glad to read this and to know that we'll get to see Beach and you for the foreseeable future. Call me selfish.

  2. Misty. I completely respect this whole process. Both for you and for Beach. No upheaval yet - glad to hear it. It is worth asking the questions though.
    One day Sophie said to me, "I don't think God will answer my prayers cuz I'm not a member of a group like the Mormons. I'm just one person."
    I turned my head like a curious dog, thought for a minute, and said,
    "But you are a member of a group. Your gymnastics team."
    "Oh...ya...okay, I guess you're right. I never thought of it that way."