Tuesday, March 6, 2012

rx for afternoon zombie mom-mom

I found a new happy spot (aka a workout) but I think there is a small issue I need to fix.  The workout is called Cross-Running (it goes by other names too) and the idea is to mix the cardio of running with the ass kicking cardio/strength training of crossfit into one deadly package.  Oh do I love it!  It works like this: run 4 minutes balls out, 1 minute lateral burpees, run 4 minutes balls out, 1 minute up & overs….you get the idea repeat 10 times with the most ruthless moves one can think to do, cool down, collapse~ happy, happy, joy, joy! 
Okay so far so good what isn’t so good is at 1:15 today I was crashed out face down in a spilled cup of coffee in my bed, yes literally sleeping in a puddle.  I have been complaining about this afternoon crash ever since I began (& how it proves the effectiveness of the workout).  It's funny there is an A circuit & a B one, the crash only occurs on A days and yet the exercises in each set are comparable to each other.  Suppose it is time to consult (3 weeks later...) the Big Dr. Dog because this is a drug I can't walk away from, way too much fun to stop here!!!       

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