Monday, March 5, 2012

honestly bat-ship crazy today

Because things on the farm were getting too normal today Crazy Jim's goat escaped.  Because that isn't strange enough to be in the middle of phone call & have to say: oh please excuse me my child who is on Rollerblades seems to be wrestling the neighbors escaped goat in the middle of 10th west, might I call you right back? The crazy Chinese Lady had to get involved.  She came running out into the street screaming "Is that you goat?! Is that you goat?! It all over the place!"
"No, not our goat remember we are the ones with chickens.  We sold you eggs." 
"Yeah," she looks me over, that is the me now holding a goat by its butt and its collar,  "Why your eggs too many colors?"...oh, please Lady don't start this again!  
"When Colby gets home I will send him over to explain it to you until then I have a goat to deal with."
"Oh okay, yeah too many colors, you eggs... you goat all over the place, not good for eggs, turn them colors..."
And of course Crazy Jim is at home but won't answer his door.

So we are goat sitting.
Yes Ginger, as it turns out I do love you more than I love a goat.

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