Monday, April 11, 2011

& other childhood myths

“Mom, do think that if I could catch one of those hamsters at great grandma Bent’s could I keep it?"
“Yeah sure.” *pause* “Wait what did you just ask me?”
“If I could catch one of those hamsters at great grandma Bent’s could I keep it?”
“What makes you think she has hamsters?”
“Hello, because she lives in New Hamster.”

“Mom is that the guys the cops were looking for?”
“I think so, but crime shows can be tricky let’s wait and see.”
“I don’t have to.  I know he is the ‘Crimer’ look at the way he buttons his shirt.”

“I put a tube down to where the rat is buried so if he wants to we can talk.”
“Could he talk before he died?”
“Mom, don’t be crazy rats can’t talk unless they die right, you know Kosher-style.”

“What do you mean we have to pay taxes?!?! I thought that it was what the Mayor was for, it’s his ideas he should pay for it.  That’s what you teach me!”

“I want to teach Geronimo to do tricks only fish don’t tend to live as long as they are stupid, so I worry he will die before we get anywhere.  Besides he can’t point his toes.”

Home School Notes:

1.  Starting the 6th book in the Harry Potter series
2.  Studying China; the question 'why is it that when you think about China it is all peaceful & nice then when you think about China it is all about war?'
3.  Times tables, here we come!
4.  Transitioning to full independent reading novels
5.  Art-Art-Art
6.  Gymnastics & Rock climbing
7.  The Big Bang t=0 using A Really Short History Of Nearly Everything, by Bill Bryson.
8.  Word games & lots of them- hang man, boggle, cross words, etc.
9.  America expansion & the rail road (building a foundation for reading Dragonwings & look at that, it brings us back to China)
10.  The wonders of water 


  1. I am SO enjoying reading you blog! I have fallen in love with Beach and her "adventures", as well as all you experiences! You always leave me wanting more! Keep up the great work you are doing!

  2. I had to read these to Eric. (Something I never do.) :) We loved them.