Thursday, May 26, 2011

the trouble with nudists: addendum

Even normal people are strange in the desert.  So when the nice old man asked if he could join us in the hot springs I said sure but I wanted to say no.  Twenty minutes later after I found out he was a college physics teacher & we stumbled across the story of the nudists he asks, “Was that in October?”  Oh you are shitting me what are odds??!?! Well, as it turns out actual pretty good. 

So, I got the whole other side of the story (bad pun) that would be the backside of the story.  Turns out it was Teresa’s 60th birthday party.   Happy birthday Teresa! 
Her real b-day is in November but as the group ages they have moved the party into a friendlier month.  And as he is telling me about these people Colby is protectively glancing up from camp, checking on his girls.  I start to think about tight spaces & hot water & my ability to get myself into both without even trying. 

How I need to learn to trust my intuition. I didn’t want this guy to join us & it turns out I was right to be weary after all he is a god damn Physics teacher, what in the hell could be worse than that?!?! 

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